Residences at The Galleon

Fueled by its Spanish heritage and decades’ worth of expertise, Ortigas Land has been leading
expeditions in the real estate industry for 88 years and counting. Now breaking new ground in
Ortigas Center, Ortigas Land brings you The Galleon.

Welcome Aboard

The Galleon is a smooth sailing ship. It is not just any ship; you won’t find it in the sea.
It does not move towards familiar earthly horizons, but towards possibilities and new life.

On board is a growing, thriving community that was put together by a visionary captain. Those on board are provided with everything they need: work, retail shops, food, and most importantly, a home.

There are people of different ages and interests joined together by the belief that success is measured by
innovation, sustainability, and quality, and not purely by output, numbers, and hours.

They move on this journey, together.

Building Great Places for Life

For more than eight decades, we have laid the groundwork for excellence in the Philippine real estate landscape. We have purposely built a legacy on establishing traditions, creating indelible experiences, and developing new inspirations for working and living.

Since our foundation, we have remained true to our mission: to build great spaces for life — the kind of spaces that every Filipino deserves. Explore the communities that we have developed in Ortigas Center, Greenhills Center, Capitol Commons, Circulo Verde, and Ortigas East.

The Heart of the Metro

The Galleon is anchored at the heart of Ortigas Center, putting your convenience at the forefront of one
of the most vibrant central business districts in Metro Manila.

It is the true midpoint of Metro Manila, encompassing Pasig City, Mandaluyong City, and Quezon City. Its proximity to major metropolitan hotspots will lead you towards remarkable experiences and opportunities, making your life at The Galleon exceptional every day.

Residences at The Galleon

Discover tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of city life inside The Galleon. Settle in a stylish abode built for modern city dwellers and families embracing an urban lifestyle. We pride ourselves in shaping a beautiful environment with a strong communal spirit comprised of people of various ages and interests.

Surrounded by elegant greeneries and furbished with stylish interiors, our high-end spaces offer a lifestyle of timeless elegance and privacy in the midst of the vibrant CBD below.

Offices at the Galleon

Offices at The Galleon is a premier office tower built for start-up companies to large-scale corporations. It is a modern work space for all your passions docked right at the heart of Ortigas Center.

The Galleon is designed to exude elegance at every angle. So whether you are facing the bright city lights of ADB Avenue or Topaz Road, you are provided a crystal clear view of the outside world with The Galleon.

Retail at The Galleon

Bask in a towering home that gives you a privileged lifestyle with the luxury of being close to commercial establishments right at your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a place for fun and entertainment or a place for peace and quiet, our high-rise living experience is steered to match your needs and taste.

Apart from the premium office units and posh living spaces, a two-level retail podium is conveniently accessible for The Galleon community. Cruise through an exchange of culture and commerce with a wide spectrum of retail shops,
entertainment spots, and business centers at bay.

Residential Features and Amenities

Building Overview

Taking inspiration from the epic sea voyages of the past, The Galleon is designed to be a strong, multi-decked ship filled with life and innovative ideas.

Its architecture and elements flow with the motif, incorporating a tower spire that symbolizes the mast of the ship and a tower crown that embodies the sails of a ship. This provides an elegant moving silhouette on the skyline.

Serving as a community space at Ortigas Center, the two-level podium represents the hull of the ship and is
complemented by wave-like patterns to signify the waves that The Galleon is sailing through. All these design choices come together to provide a soothing luxury where nature’s flowing forms meet modern, mindful architecture.


Features and Amenities

Welcome aboard Residences at The Galleon. We are a growing and thriving community that promotes completeness, innovation, sustainability, and quality. Not just built for visual impact, it is truly a home worthy of the most memorable individuals, couples, and families.

Revel in elegance and sophistication as you are welcomed home by our grand lobby. Step outside for a meditative stroll along the fully landscaped garden. Sweat it out at the fitness facility or take a refreshing swim amidst a sanctuary of lush greeneries. Thoughtfully planned to cater to your upscale lifestyle, The Galleon is more than just a home — it’s a space where you can refresh, revitalize, and inspire.

01.GAME ROOM – Shake off the daily hassles with a friendly game of pool or play games with the entire family inside the game room.
02.RESIDENTS’ LOUNGE – Connect with The Galleon community or delight in a bit of peace and quiet by yourself at the resident’s lounge.
03.SOCIAL HALL – Celebrate milestones in a grand fashion at the social hall and make memories worth remembering.
04.DAYCARE – The daycare is not just a place where your little ones can play, but also one where they can learn the value of socialization.
05.MINI THEATER – Fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and homey seats, have an exclusive cinematic experience at the theater room.
07.FITNESS GYM – Stacked with premium fitness equipment, strengthen your core by lifting weights or practicing yoga in the yoga studio.
08.TOILET, LOCKER ROOM, SHOWER & SAUNA (MALE & FEMALE) – Indulge in the luxury of having a sauna on deck and let the sweat cleanse your pores. It is also a place for silent reflection.
09.OUTDOOR POOL – For a refreshing break during those hot days or a welcome relief after a tiring day, the outdoor pool is a great place to unwind.
10.OUTDOOR GARDEN – Pockets of nature are easily accessible right from your front door. Take a stroll along the outdoor garden to clear your mind.

LOBBY – Decorated with elegant interiors, the lobby is the first step towards making everyone feel right at home.

Game Room
Mini Theater

The Residential Units

Set against the stunning backdrop of the CBD skyline, the world is yours for the taking. Do not just go with the flow — take control of your own journey and steer it towards the right direction with The Galleon.

Ortigas Land is the benchmark for modern urban living in Metro Manila. Surrounded by reflections of the city’s dynamic cultural mix, The Galleon is configured to include a plethora of living luxuries that suit your needs whatever stage of life you’re in. Whether you’re thriving independently, a young family, or an empty nester, we have designed a
home that adapts to your changing lifestyle.


Mindful Designs

Little things that are often times unnoticed, over time, enriches day-to-day life. These mindful design features, integrated in every Galleon unit, allows for more time for more things that matter most.


Smart Living Program

Holistic design, from The Galleon’s exteriors to individual residential units, brings residents a smarter way to live.

Our Smart Living program takes center stage in Ortigas Land’s thrust in providing innovative living spaces.

Home Gateway – Link the smart home system to the cloud.

Smoke Detector – Get real-time notification on your smartphone when smoke detectors are set off.

Temperature Sensor – Manage and monitor multiple air-conditioning units through your smartphone.

Smart Light Switch – Control your unit’s lighting fixtures through your smartphone.

Contact Sensor for Motion – Notifications via smartphones are received when motion sensors are set off.

Smart Door – Keyless entry to your home.

One-Bedroom Units

Typical Size
69sqm – 74sqm / 743sqft – 797sqft

A cozy unit for new beginnings, it is time to move into your new home. Step inside an intimate residence where you can have a mindful rest after a long day at work, engage in culinary experiments in the kitchen, and doze off calmly in a bedroom that assures the utmost security. Have all the space you want and instill your style and personality into its various nooks.

01. FOYER3.54 sqm
02. LIVING / DINING23.86 sqm
03. KITCHEN5.70 sqm
04. T&B7.69 sqm
05. BEDROOM22.06 sqm
06. UTILITY0.94 sqm
07. PIPE CHASE0.37 sqm
08. BALCONY4.84 sqm
TOTAL69 sqm
1-Bedroom Unit Kitchen, Dining and Living Area
1-Bedroom Unit Master Bedroom

Two-Bedroom Units

Typipcal Size
109sqm – 114sqm / 1,173sqft – 1,227sqft

Discover more space for you and your family in an upscale corner unit. Bond with your loved ones over a home-cooked meal, share meaningful conversations in your living room, or read a bedtime story to your kid. Welcome new experiences at your doorstep. It is a home where dreams and memories are bound to be made.

01. FOYER 3.96 sqm
02. LIVING / DINING 29.62 sqm
03. KITCHEN 9.89 sqm
04. COMMON T&B 5.53 sqm
06. MASTER BEDROOM16.14 sqm
07. MASTER – WIC 7.23 sqm
08. MASTER – T&B 3.27 sqm
09. MAID’S ROOM 6.79 sqm
10. MAID’S T&B2.26 sqm
11. HALLWAY2.50 sqm
12. PIPE CHASE1.10 sqm
13. BALCONY5.86 sqm
14. ACCU CABINET2.06 sqm
TOTAL109 sqm
2-Bedroom Unit Kitchen, and Living Area
2-Bedroom Unit Master Bedroom

Penthouse Suites

Typical Size
268sqm – 411sqm / 2,885sqft – 4,424sqft

Dream big and live bigger inside a lavish residence you deserve. Our two-level penthouse units will make you feel as if you are on top of the world. Overlooking a breathtaking view of the Ortigas skyline, transform this space into your dream house — you are the captain of your own home.

  • Bi-level unit with 3-4 bedrooms
  • Open plan living, dining, and kitchen area
  • Spacious master bedroom (second level) with walk-in closet, en suite equipped with bath tub, and a private balcony located at the upper level
  • Secondary master bedroom (ground level) with walk-in closet, en suite and a private balcony located at the lower level
  • Secondary bedrooms with built-in closet and individual en-suites at the upper level
  • Private service kitchen and utility area
  • Maid’s room with own T&B
  • Balcony accessible via living area

Penthouse A & E

409sqm – 411sqm / 4,402sqmft – 4,424sqmft


01. FOYER 9.80 sqm
02. LIVING 71.34 sqm
03. DINING 49.16 sqm
04. POWDER ROOM 3.12 sqm
05. SHOW KITCHEN 15.63 sqm
06. SERVICE KITCHEN 10.95 sqm
07. UTILITY 9.59 sqm
08. MAID’S ROOM 10.71 sqm
09. MAID’S T&B 2.38 sqm
10. SUITE 221.15 sqm
11. SUITE 2 – WIC7.20 sqm
12. SUITE 2 – T&B5.69 sqm
13. SUITE 2 – BALCONY6.42 sqm
14. BALCONY27.86 sqm


15. FAMILY DEN37.62 sqm
16. MASTER SUITE34.54 sqm
17. MASTER SUITE – WIC15.82 sqm
18. MASTER SUITE – T&B10.91 sqm
20. SUITE 322.66 sqm
21. SUITE 3 – T&B 4.84 sqm
22. SUITE 4 19.10 sqm
23. SUITE 4 – T&B 4.84 sqm
24. PIPE CHASE0.37 sqm
TOTAL160 sqm

Penthouse B & D

317sqm / 3,412sqmft


01. FOYER 5.57 sqm
02. LIVING 49.96 sqm
03. DINING 48.17 sqm
04. POWDER ROOM 3.01 sqm
05. SHOW KITCHEN 13.11 sqm
06. SERVICE KITCHEN 10.80 sqm
07. MAID’S ROOM 6.07 sqm
08. MAID’S T&B 2.30 sqm
09. SUITE 2 – BEDROOM 17.24 sqm
10. SUITE 2 – WIC6.52 sqm
11. SUITE 2 – T&B7.93 sqm
12. BALCONY25.32 sqm
TOTAL196 sqm


13. FAMILY DEN31.13 sqm
14. MASTER SUITE26.56 sqm
15. MASTER SUITE – WIC6.94 sqm
16. MASTER SUITE – T&B12.36 sqm
17. SUITE 317.04 sqm
18. SUITE 3 – T&B 4.84 sqm
19. SUITE 4 16.92 sqm
20. SUITE 4 – T&B 4.84 sqm
21. PIPE CHASE0.37 sqm
TOTAL121 sqm

Penthouse C

268sqm / 2,885smqft


01. FOYER 4.63 sqm
02. LIVING 42.66 sqm
03. DINING 31.18 sqm
04. POWDER ROOM 3.13 sqm
05. KITCHEN 11.87 sqm
06. MAID’S ROOM 8.76 sqm
07. MAID’S T&B 2.32 sqm
08. SUITE 216.92 sqm
09. SUITE 2 – WIC3.98 sqm
10. SUITE 2 – T&B7.97 sqm
11. BALCONY29.58 sqm
TOTAL163 sqm


12. FAMILY DEN21.92 sqm
13. STUDY16.31 sqm
14. MASTER SUITE20.83 sqm
15. MASTER SUITE – WIC6.46 sqm
16. MASTER SUITE – T&B11.39 sqm
18. SUITE 316.79 sqm
19. SUITE 3 – T&B 5.08 sqm
TOTAL105 sqm

Ortigas Center

Docked at Ortigas Center, its premier location along ADB Avenue and Topaz Road offers a quick access to major routes of private vehicles and public transportation from your living space.

The Galleon is well-connected to Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City, with San Juan, Makati, and Taguig City only a few kilometers away. It is also located near academic institutions such as University of Asia & the Pacific, Saint Pedro Poveda College, as well as shopping centers such as SM Megamall and The Podium.